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The Zowe community is divided up into teams (or squads) that have specific missions and goals. Like any open source project, each team/squad is made up of contributors and committers. Communication is important for a healthy community and each squad uses similar tools to foster collaboration and promote transparency.

All code contributed to the Zowe project is licensed under the Eclipse Public License 2.0

Community Slack Channels:

The Zowe community uses Slack as the primary means of interacting to facilitate active collaboration through the following channels.

Register an account with Slack at

Slack Channel List
  • #zowe-api
    Ask questions about the API Mediation Layer, propose new ideas, or interact with the squad.
  • #zowe-build
    Discuss and review build related Issues.
  • #zowe-cli
    Ask questions about Zowe CLI, propose new ideas, and interact with the Zowe CLI community.
  • #zowe-core
    Expand upon the base technologies being contributed to the project.
  • #zowe-dev
    Zowe development discussions.
  • #zowe-doc
    Discuss or ask questions about the documentation.
  • #zowe-onboarding
    Develop the material and supporting activities for onboarding developers and users.
  • #zowe-user
    This channel is for users to ask questions, look for help and interact with each other.
  • #zowe-zlc
    Leadership Committee.

Contribute with GitHub

Zowe uses GitHub to submit issues and ZenHub Workspaces to help organize and track these issues.

To submit an issue (Bug or Feature) against the Community Repo, use the following link

To view the Zowe Backlogs and Features use the following links:

ZenHub (Backlog):
ZenHub (Features):

However, to keep the issues as close to the code as possible, see the specific Squad Github Repos and ZenHub Workspaces below where you can open Issues directly against them.

Web UI and File Editor
API Mediation and Security
Foundation (CI/CD)

Community Mailing Lists:

There are three mailing lists for Zowe open to anyone who is interested in subscribing.


Community Calendar:


Community Meeting Minutes and Recording:


Reporting Security Issue

  • Security issues should not be reported through the Git Issues process due to the sensitive nature of the information.

    Please direct all security issues to the Zowe Leadership Committee using the following e-mail address: A member of the ZLC will reply to acknowledge receipt of the vulnerability and coordinate remediation with the affected project.

  Code Guidelines

Learn the coding guidelines that you should follow while contributing to Zowe Project.

Read the Guidelines

  GitHub Repo

View or contribute to the project through Zowe GitHub.