Download Latest Zowe v1.4.x

The best way to experience Zowe is by downloading our convenience build.

* Please note the Zowe binaries are made available to you by Zowe Binary Projects a Series of LF Projects, LLC, and not by The Linux Foundation or the Open Mainframe Project.

Don't have z/OS instance? Follow this free tutorial to learn how to add new apps to Zowe Web UI. Also learn how to build plug-ins for Zowe CLI.

* Please note, at this stage, OMP does not provide a hosting site, but for those that do not want to or have the ability to download their own z/OS instance, IBM Z Ecosystem has provided a free tutorial and hosting site here.


How to get started

After you download the Zowe package,  you're ready to get started. Read the Zowe documentation to review the system requirements and follow the instructions to install Zowe.



Select a build to download

Version Documentation Build Date
v1.4.0 View documentation 2019-08-09T17:00:00.000Z
v1.3.0 View documentation 2019-06-13T17:00:00.000Z
v1.2.0 View documentation 2019-05-03T17:00:00.000Z
v1.1.0 View documentation 2019-04-03T17:00:00.000Z
v1.0.1 View documentation 2019-03-07T22:00:00.000Z
v1.0.0 View documentation 2019-02-08T22:00:00.000Z


There are hundreds of developers dedicated to extending Zowe - called Committers - who are focused on building a community around open source on the mainframe. The path to being a Committer is by first being a Contributor of ideas, fixes and showing your development skills. Learn how you can contribute code, ideas, and generate issues to earn your Committer status.

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