What is Zowe?


• 01/09/2019 - Zowe Open Beta Refresh v0.9.5 now available. See What's New.

What is Zowe?

Zowe offers modern interfaces to interact with z/OS and allows you to work with z/OS in a way that is similar to what you experience on cloud platforms today. You can use these interfaces as delivered or through plug-ins and extensions that are created by clients or third-party vendors.

Zowe consists of the following main components.

Zowe App Framework

Contains a Web user interface (UI) that provides a full screen interactive experience. The Web UI includes many interactions that exist in 3270 terminals and web interfaces such as IBM z/OSMF.

Explorer server

Provides a range of APIs for the management of jobs, data sets, z/OS UNIX System Services files, and persistent data.

API Mediation Layer

Provides an API abstraction layer through which APIs can be discovered, catalogued, and presented uniformly.

Zowe CLI

Provides a command-line interface that lets you interact with the mainframe remotely and use common tools such as Integrated Development Environments (IDEs), shell commands, bash scripts, and build tools for mainframe development. It provides a set of utilities and services for application developers that want to become efficient in supporting and building z/OS applications quickly.


Play with our beta

Visit the download page to get your hands on the Zowe open beta installer.

* Please note this is a beta version of Zowe which is not intended for production use. This binary is provided under a different license and not from the Open Mainframe Project or Zowe community.

Don't have z/OS instance? Follow this free tutorial to learn how to add new apps to Zowe Web UI.

* Please note, at this stage, OMP does not provide a hosting site, but for those that do not want to or have the ability to download their own z/OS instance, IBM Z Ecosystem has provided a free tutorial and hosting site here.


Join the community

There are hundreds of developers - called Committers - who are dedicated to extending Zowe and building a community around open source on the mainframe. Discover how you can contribute code, ideas, generate issues and earn your Committer status.


Core Infrastructure Initiative Support

Zowe is actively working to ensure it meets the high level of expectations from existing z/OS customers and those using Open Source technology. Track our status of being compliance with the Core Infrastructure Initiative efforts.

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Follow tutorials, learn to install Zowe and check out our user guide.